• March 2, 2023

Achieve stable returns up to a projected 6% with Iban Wallet

Stable returns up to projected 6% with Iban Wallet achieve

You can easily and safely earn attractive returns even in times of low interest rates. The fixed interest rate of Iban Wallet should make this possible.

Many people want to get rich. To enjoy a carefree everyday life or also Lebensabend, without having to worry about financial things, that is the dream, which is dreamed millionfold each evening into the cushions of the own bed. But in order to achieve this, you either have to have a rich unknown uncle who all of a sudden bequeaths you his entire fortune – a mostly very unlikely variant. Or you have to win the lottery. Compared to Uncle Scrooge, this is more in the realm of possibility, even if it is not very probable, since the probability of winning a six with a bonus number in the 6 out of 49 lottery is in the range of 1 in 140 million. Everyone can win at Lotto, but not everyone.

Invest money

Remains the more laborious variant to come to some wealth, and that is working, money earning and the diligent saving and money investing. This is the only way to get guaranteed and predictable financial assets that can take away at least some of your money worries.

In times of low interest rates, however, investing money is not a walk in the park and certainly not a no-brainer anymore. In the past, you put your money that was not needed for important expenses or living, either on the savings account or – if you wanted to get faster back to the money – parked on a call account. These times are over. The savings book is long out and with the other investment accounts of the house bank it does not look better. On current accounts there is no more interest at all and on call money accounts, if at all only so measly interest that these cannot even compensate for the normal money devaluation by the inflation. To make matters worse, some banks threaten you with negative interest rates if your savings exceed certain limits.

In the result it looks therefore in such a way: Who does not actively take care of his money investment, must expect that his money slowly but steadily becomes less and less. Not to mention returns.

Although a flight into the stock market is always an option, share prices have always been able to post gains over the long term. But as an individual saver it is not easy in the shark tank of the stock exchange. Therefore, betting all your money on a single share is like playing roulette. Here one should either spread broadly or better immediately on managed share or index funds set. Short-term events, such as just the spread of the coronavirus, which has led to a massive collapse in stock prices across the board, but should be able to withstand financially and psychologically.

Iban Wallet

A different and stress-free variant to the stock market offers the online platform Iban Wallet. Investment opportunities are offered here, providing a simple and transparent alternative to the traditional house bank. This works for everyone, completely independent of the level of knowledge in terms of investment and regardless of the financial capacity.

iban Wallet | © iban

By the way, Iban Wallet has nothing to do with the IBAN number, the new Europe-wide account number. Perhaps the naming but just for that reason was not so bad, you can remember the word Iban but very well.

Whatever the founders thought of the name, it was their vision to create a platform that would allow people to earn higher returns than traditional banks on a consistent basis, and without specialized financial knowledge. They seem to have succeeded in this.

Achieve stable returns up to a projected 6% with Iban Wallet

How Iban Wallet works?

Investing on the Iban Wallet platform is very simple. Already from the sum of 1 euro one is there. This money is deposited by credit card or normal bank transfer to the Iban account and already this money begins to earn interest, which is credited daily. The money is available on a daily basis, which means that 2.5 percent annual interest is available.

What so from invested 10.000 EUR can become, this illustration shows:

Iban Wallet Investment | © iban

If one wants to earn more, up to 6 percent APR is also possible with higher deposits and longer terms.

These four account types and yield variants are available at Iban Wallet:

Iban account One Market Dynamic
Term No term 1 year 3 years 5 years
Min. Investment 1€ 1.000€ 1.000€ 50.000€
Availability Interest Immediately In the end At the end Immediately
Interest calculation Compound interest Compound interest Compound interest Simple
Effective annual interest rate 2,5% 3% 4% 6%

There are no fees when investing. All deposits and withdrawals as well as all transactions are free of charge for the investor. A fee is only charged for early termination of an investment. The fee is 2.5% of the total amount in the corresponding account. However, Iban Wallet assures that this fee will not exceed the interest earned on the account. This is a bit fuzzy, even if at least no loss will occur in the end.
It is therefore best not to cancel your investment account during the term, for example the One account within the term of one year. So if you have to reckon with the fact that you might suddenly need your money, you should only use the Iban account variant. There, the deposited money plus compound interest is available daily, without any fees

How safe is the money with Iban Wallet?

Iban Wallet is not a classic bank with a fixed deposit account. Rather, this business model is a P2P platform where people invest in loans from different lenders. All investments made are covered by collateral and all loans are secured with a repurchase guarantee and also with coverage by a Safeguard Trust. So the money comes back with a very high probability from the credits again. As a result, Iban Wallet is able to offer the fixed interest rates mentioned above.

The investor gets nothing of the business behind the scenes and does not have to worry about it either. This has the small disadvantage that he can not decide in which credits his money is ultimately invested, but saves him a lot of work and nerves. Iban Wallet takes care of investing the money and getting it back again along with interest. And since the invested money is secured several times, there is no risk of losing money either. The invested money is safe.


Earning money in times of low and penalty interest rates is extremely difficult. Iban Wallet offers there with its various investment accounts an easy way to achieve stable returns of up to 6 percent. The invested money is safe and a special previous knowledge is not necessary. Thus, Iban Wallet offers the optimal alternative to the low-yield offers of the house bank.