• March 9, 2023

Briefly explained the advantage of casino bonuses

Briefly explained: the advantage of casino bonuses

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A bonus is always a good thing, isn’t it? At least this word promises you that there is something to get for free. In many cases this is even true – also in online casinos.

Use multiple chances to win

Digital casinos are in, and maybe you’ve thought at least once about taking a chance on a round or two of blackjack or roulette. How, your first practice rounds are long gone? Congratulations! Did you also use a bonus? The probability is high, because most providers prefer to lure new customers with quite generous welcome gifts and free spins.

These can be absolutely beneficial, especially if they bring you chances to win without having deposited anything. But even if a deposit is required, but you get double or triple the chance for your money, you’re still doing great. Even more, the bonuses lend you the opportunity to try out the respective online casino and its associated games at your leisure, as risk-free as possible, and only then make the decision whether you want to stay as a loyal customer at all.

Deep discounts for old hands and young whippersnappers alike

Of course, there are also bonus programs for old hands who have already been associated with their favorite casino for a few months or even years. They save your cash and seem quite motivating, like a pleasant reward. And you don’t have to look enviously at the newbies, who can really enjoy their welcome bonus, because after all you are also worth something to the provider.

Briefly explained the advantage of casino bonuses

Nevertheless, we would like to take a closer look at the beginner’s discount at this point, because it is the one that encourages an astonishing number of people to get into the big game. Full Tilt Casino, for example, which distributes a “First Deposit Bonus”, is an established brand in this regard. Let’s take a look at the mechanics behind this: This is a 100% deposit bonus, which is due when the newbie puts real money into play for the first time. When making a deposit, he must enter the code “STARS600” and thus secures a bonus, which after all can be up to 600 dollars. To reach the maximum amount, the first time customer has 60 days and three deposit stages.

By placing bets at real money tables, the player reaps his personal unlock points. For each US dollar there are currently 5 points, a euro brings even 5.5 points, while the English pound, despite crises, is even worth 6.5 points. If 180 unlock points with the currency US dollars are reached within 4 months after the last deposit, Full Tilt will pay 10 dollars to the Stars account of its hardworking customer. Euro customers need 230 activation points for 10 Euro bonus, so they have to work a little harder. It’s much easier if you enter the code “THIRTY” when you make your deposit, and you’ll instantly get $30 in play credit and you’re good to go.

Of course, the first deposit bonus should encourage you to deposit a good amount and to really stay on the ball afterwards. But you finally made a conscious decision to gamble, and so your interests overlap with those of the online casino. The bottom line is that you get significantly more chances to win than without a bonus – and maybe even a very real windfall from one of the free additional rounds of play. Who knows?

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Eyes on – and make the right choice

At this point, it is important to make sure that the respective provider does not only entice you with a rich newcomer bonus, but is also willing to keep you happy with gifts later on. Existing customer program is the magic word that will put a smile on your face if you have already been on board for a long time! But be sure to check out the payout conditions to make sure that you really get your winnings.

Really generous providers offer a monthly reload that rewards every first deposit of the month with a special bonus. Some casinos thank their customers for using their preferred payment method with a small bonus, for example if an e-wallet like Paypal is used. Then may well land 10 or 15% more bet on your account than you have paid in at all.

Use only casinos with a secure license, for example from Gibraltar or Malta. Outside of Europe, Curacao and Antigua also ensure that the gaming environment is as safe as possible. Schleswig-Holstein’s Ministry of the Interior also issues licenses! Also, preferably trust yourself to a larger, financially strong company that is controlled by the financial market regulator.

If your selected casino bears the eCogra seal or GLI certificate, then you can accept the offered bonus and the gaming offer – if it suits you in all details.