• March 10, 2023

Playing in the online casino – a gray area

Playing at the online casino – a gray area

With just one click, numerous games of chance can be gambled on the Internet, but not all gaming offers are legal. | Image: Pixabay @ pixealheart (CC0 Public Domain)

More and more Germans are using the Internet to play online games of chance and lotteries. Unlike casinos, online casinos are open around the clock and allow users to play flexibly without dress code or closing time.

The industry is booming. Around 10 billion euros in sales are generated annually by companies in this sector. The number of virtual casinos is no longer countable. However, not all online casinos are legal and safe. Players should inform themselves beforehand

    Playing in the online casino - a gray area
  • the casino has a valid gaming license,
  • is committed to the prevention of gambling addiction,
  • has a German-speaking customer service and
  • Whether it carries seals of approval, such as the eCOGRA seal, that ensure fairness and gaming security.

In the State Treaty on Gambling can be seen, which rules the casinos in Germany have to follow. On the Internet there are also comparison portals that compare the advantages and disadvantages of the casinos, the respective licenses and the game offer.

Who can, should first try out the online casino operator for free and read customer reviews from other users to find out how reputable the virtual casino is. Often there are coupons on the Internet, with which it is possible to play for a while for free in an online casino. As far as the range of games is concerned, the respective providers differ only slightly. The classic table games and card games can be found in every virtual casino. In the case of slot machines, there are differences in the graphics and the choice of themes, but the major software providers usually have similar slot games on offer.

Legal situation in Germany

From a purely legal point of view, only state operators are allowed to offer casino games on the net in Germany. In addition, there are some well-known companies that have obtained a license for their online casinos in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to the German providers can be found on the net a variety of European casinos, which has a license from Malta or Gibraltar and is accepted by the European Court of Justice. But the requirements of the State Treaty on Gambling prohibit European operators from using the German market. However, there are no known cases in which action was taken against players who played in such a casino. Because according to EU law, these are in principle allowed. Players are legally in a gray area and should choose only high-quality and legal online casinos.

In the next few weeks, the EU Commission would like to start proceedings against the Federal Republic of Germany for breach of contract in order to force an opening of the online casino and sports betting market. As a result, European online casinos could soon be licensed in Germany.

Future of the gambling industry

The future of the gambling industry is uncertain. However, it is clear that people are more and more inclined to modern technologies such as the Internet and mobile services. It is common for users to listen to music, watch videos or play computer games online. With virtual reality, casinogames can probably soon be played in a real casino.