• March 2, 2023

How to protect yourself from fraud at online casinos

How to protect yourself from fraud at online casinos?

This is how you can distinguish reputable providers from black sheep.

The vast majority of online casino providers operate completely correctly. There are no percentage too high profit distributions or astronomically large jackpots promised. The players are not constantly overwhelmed with messages about other players who have allegedly just cashed out the big money. Also, the processing of deposits and withdrawals is fast and through secure connections.

With such providers, you can have fun in your free time without worrying about exciting casino games, as the Novoline games are, and with a little luck also win money.

Black sheep

But as in so many other areas and industries, there are also in gambling again and again black sheep. Especially with online casinos, many customers ask themselves the question of whether things are above board and whether there is not a certain amount of rip-off behind it? With a little common sense and the consultation of important clues, everyone can protect themselves from fraud.

Of course, the Internet has made it easy for the cheaters, because here they can lull themselves behind the keyboard in anonymity. Of course, not all gambling operators can be lumped together and the majority of casinos operate under strict supervision and must comply with numerous regulations as well as guidelines. But what should especially new customers pay attention to and how can the scammers be put a stop to the craft?

What to look out for when gambling online

How to protect yourself from fraud at online casinos

Various studies and tests have shown that at some online casinos the payout of winnings is significantly below average. In such a case, it can be assumed that something is not right here. Players should therefore pay very close attention to this point and first take a closer look at some games and study the payout schedules before betting real money.
It should also be noted that profit does not always have to be equal to a profit. Only when the payout amount is higher than the deposit amount, the player can talk about a real profit. In addition, frequent reports of players who have allegedly won a small fortune with online blackjack or roulette should not be taken too seriously. Behind such statements hides mostly a false message and the play operators want to exercise thereby only pressure on the players to play still more and with larger employment.

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Of course, one or the other big win can certainly be achieved with gambling in an online casino. However, players should by no means expect the big money. The luck cannot be forced also on-line.

Amount of profits distributed

Many casinos also promise a payout of more than 95% of the money wagered. This fact is certainly not bad for players, provided that this statement is also true. However, upon closer inspection, the stated percentage may not be correct. It would mean that only 5% of the sales made would remain as bottom line profit for the casinos. If, in addition, the annual statistics with the published profits are consulted, it quickly becomes clear that the profit margin or. the amount of revenue is in no way consistent with the stated percentage of profit payout.

A reputable casino can be recognized if an identity check is performed before the first withdrawal is made. The player must reveal his identity by submitting an ID (in written form) and only after verification (usually once), the winnings are transferred to the specified account. Moreover, all deposits and withdrawals should be made through a secure and encrypted site.

Difficulties with paying out winnings

Many users of online casinos also complain that with some operators there are delays or even non-execution during the payment process. Of course, such circumstances make the rounds very quickly and also scare off many potential new customers. From such providers, one should leave the fingers as far as possible.
However, as a rule, the payouts of winnings are reliable and carried out within a few working days. withdrawals can be made either to a bank account or to a PayPal account.